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NBA Scores Lite and WordBook Dictionary for WP7

The Growing.Apps series highlights those Windows Phone 7 Apps that are well reviewed by users and getting up the ranks of the download charts. In every issue we review one free and one paid promising app – check our first issue for more.

NBA Scores Lite (Free)
Just like pointed out by the word Lite in the title, this is an essential app. See the scores of NBA games on WP7: today’s and yesterday’s: that is it. Well, mostly: other features are high level game stats (Pts by quarter, Pts/Reb/Ast per player) and tomorrow’s games list with TV times. There is also live tile update, which would be super-cool if you could select a team (rather than a single game at a time).
This app delivers what it promises: NBA scores, no more, no less. It’s free (well it’s actually Ads Funded with small text ads) fast and effective. If you follow the hoops, this app is for you.
Best Windows Phone 7 Apps score 4 out of 5
NBA Scores Lite for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
Genre Sports Rank 125
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 72
Price Free Version 1.1
NBA Scores Lite for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge)
WordBook Dictionary ($2.99, Trial)
WordBook Dictionary for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge)
WordBook is a simple but complete dictionary for Windows Phone 7. You can search for an English word or select your recent or favorite words. A list of random words pops up at start up, making the dictionary also enjoyable as a past time (shake the phone to get new words: good idea to make this fun!)
WordBook offers a catalog of more than 200,000 definitions; when a word is selected, definition, links to synonym/antonym and thesaurus are displayed. The spelling is also available in form of an audio recording.
If you are looking for a dictionary WordBook, is a solid choice on WP7. The Free Trial shows only words starting with M, giving you a good idea of the final product – try and tap it.
Best Windows Phone 7 Apps score 4 out of 5
Genre Books/Ref. Rank 651
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 18
Price $2.99, Trial Version 1.1
WordBook Dictionary for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)

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