Is the tide turning for Windows Phone?

The introduction of the Nokia 900 at $99 with AT&T in the US and the news that the App Marketplace surpassed 80,000 apps come in a week that is also seeing news of customer satisfaction favorable to Windows Phone.

Nokia Lumia 900 available at AT&T on April 8

This just in: the awaited Lumia 900, the first 4G LTE Nokia Windows Phone will be available in the US at AT&T starting April 8.

Starbucks Card for Windows Phone

Got the envy for the iPhones and Androids out there that can pay at Starbucks with their phone? No more!
Starbucks card allows your Windows Phone 7 to manage prepaid cards for your favorite caffeine dealer.


Dodonpachi Maximum is one of the best shooters for WP7, but it’s also one of the hardest. Which, if you like shooters, is not a downer by any means.

Reinstaller: get your old apps on your new WP7 phone!

If you ever had to hard reset your phone or if you bought a new one, you know there is not an easy way to get your old apps back. Reinstaller solves this problem…

Taptitude: best WP7 pastime

Taptitude is the best rated game in the Windows Phone 7 marketplace, and if you try it you will know why: more than 50 fun mini games, easy to pick up and hard to put down.