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Wordament: it’s you vs. the internet on WP7

Wordament (Free) [Growing Apps]
Wordament is a great game based on a very simple idea: find as many words as possible in 90 seconds on a 4 x 4 letter board. When time is over, compare your results with the other players out there and see how you rank.Everyone plays the same boards, in real time, there are no levels or upgrades: it’s a leveled playing field. And it’s fun and challenging: there are tens of three or more letter words on any board, making it a fast game; the limited time gives you the rush and the real-time competition the motivation and reward.

The “you vs. the internet” team, author of Wordament, selects the boards based on specific criteria to make them fun; for example: every letter is at least part of one word and so on; you can review the criteria in their article the science of fun.

Wordament is fun, the elements of great gameplay are well balanced in this free game which is ranking high in sales and maintaining a fantastic 5 stars rating average among Windows Phone 7 reviewers.

Wordament for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
Genre Games Rank 63
Rating Avg. 5 Stars # Reviews 178
Price Free Version 1.1
Wordament for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).1
Wordament for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).5

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