Ciproton 40 Mg

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Shuriken Ninja: master the art of ninja stars on WP7

Shuriken Ninja (Free) [Growing Apps]
Shuriken Ninja is a intriguing but simple ability game: tap your phone screen to throw Ninja stars at the targets; get all the targets in a level using the set of stars assigned and you are done. Stars ricochet on metal but stick on wood or similar material, so be careful!
This is not a clone of Fruit Ninja, even if the tile and the icon might make you think so, the setting is similar but the idea different. And attractive. It takes skill, intelligence and a bit of luck to hit all the targets, especially once you advance in the more advanced levels.
Puzzles are fun and rewarding, and generally there is more than one way to complete a level, tickling your imagination.There are 63 levels in the game and the feedback is that users want more – now I do not believe that this is a sign of 63 being too few, but being too fun. People want more! Mat Newport, the author of the game published a level editor to get more ninja stars flying to hit targets, you can check it out here.

Graphics are ok and there is no music, a little more style would have make this a WP7 classic.

Overall this is a fun and free game (ads are non intrusive) and is having a great success (it is in the top 10 WP7 apps as we write) check it out by tapping the game icon below.

Shuriken Ninja for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).2Shuriken Ninja for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).3

Shuriken Ninja for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
Genre Games Rank 9
Rating Avg. 4.0 Stars # Reviews 152
Price Free Version 1.1

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