PES (Pro Evolution Soccer) 2011: another AAA game for WP7

PES 2011 ($ 4.99, Trial)
PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)As announced last week, another triple-A title has hit the shelves of the Windows Phone 7 Xbox Live Games Marketplace. Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) 2011 has been released last week and has immediately sky-rocketed to the top of the taps (#1 paid app as we write). And luckily, this is not an April’s fool! 

Besides the amazing (and I mean amazing) graphics and the great playability of this title, we were stunned by the incredible value of this package. For $ 4.99 you download what can easily be a PSP or DS game that will give you hours and hours of Soccery fun!

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).2You most likely know PES already as the challenging soccer game (the FIFA series caught up only recently), that can really play as the most popular sports of the planet: you can’t just take a man, dribble everyone and score. A goal is something that needs to be earned and deserved: follow your players on the little screen, plan the pass to your free man, dribble… give and go now… last passage… charge… shoot… gooooooooal! Yeah, it’s fulfilling to score a goal with PES 2011, try to believe it. 

Speaking about value, the main game options include multiple game modes: Quick Match, Exhibition, UEFA Champions League, League or Cup (national or international). PES does not have all the rights that the FIFA franchise does, but the player names are real and not invented – and this is good!

Being an Xbox Live game, Achievements and Leaderboards are granted. We must say that achievements are somewhat tougher than expected, requiring a lot of game hours to unlock since you basically need to win a league of 20 games to unlock 10 gamerpoints (!!!!). A training mode and a gallery of trophies with credits completes the root menu.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).1The pre-game menu allows to change formation and tactics. This is an advanced customization menu – see who is fit and ready to play and use the right player at the right time, select between a 4-4-2 and a 4-3-3 formation. Remember also that you can change the jersey at the start of the match because the app might select two jerseys of the same color if you let it do it. 

In game controls allow you to move the player with a virtual joystick (preferred) or by tilting the phone (nah) plus A button to shoot and B to pass (in defense, B is for pressing the opponent); advanced controls are also available, and you can learn more with practice. The effects are also good with exciting crowd effects but an annoying menu music. Replays also provide added value, underlying your great assist for a fantastic goal!

PES 2011 is an original Xbox/PS2 game that fits your pocket on your Windows Phone 7. And while you would have paid 50 bucks for this game 5 years ago, you now only spend $ 4.99 and get Achievements and Leaderboard on top of it.

PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).0 PES 2011 - Pro Evolution Soccer for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).3
Verdict (version reviewed:
Get PES 2011 on your WP7 for long hours of fun; this is possibly the best quality plus value game available today for your Windows Phone.
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