Alphajax: multiplayer word game climbing the WP7 charts

Alphajax (Free Version, $ 2.99, Trial) [New+Cool]
AlphaJax is climbing the charts and receiving great reviews as it stands out as one of the best examples of multiplayer games on Windows Phone 7 today.

It is a turn-based game that requires players to form words with letters. You know, just like Scrabble. You can invite your contacts to play, pick up a game with an online opponent (this it matchmaking on WP7, fellas!) or play locally with a friend or with yourself, just to practice. Graphics are basic but pleasant with a handy board zooming function, but nothing fancy (doesn’t need to); gameplay is all about word gaming: make the longest words with the letters in your hands, crossing existing words and landing on bonus squares – how can you go wrong with a game of pseudo-scrabble?

AlphaJax is not an Xbox Live game, but has some social gem features like friends and chat: yes, you can make friends in the game, chat (text chat) and play with them. For these innovative features, it received a Best Mobile Application award in NZ – that seems to be well deserved.

Try this solid word game: it stands as an example of what can be done on WP7.

(Note: the link below is to the paid version, search for Alphajax Free for the Ads funded one)

AlphaJax for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
Genre Games Rank 741
Rating Avg. 4.5 Stars # Reviews 270
Price Free Version
$ 2.99, Trial
Version 1.7
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