Lyrica And Metformin

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Top 5 Stocks Apps for Windows Phone 7: #1 StockMap

#1 – StockMap ($0.99, Trial)
StockMap is our favorite stock app available on Windows Phone 7 today. It is a simple app, but goes straight to the point and it is very well executed.
You can add symbol and number of shares very quickly. No need of menus, searches and lookups, a stock symbol is 3 or 4 letters, how hard can it be!
After adding the symbols, StockMap can give you an immediate snapshot of how your portfolio is doing, by creating a puzzled image with the symbols and coloring it based on their value change. There, in a snapshot you see who is going up and who is going down, straight on your WP7 home screen’s tile! Right now the live tile displays up to seven stocks, but it does so in the most clear and concise way we have seen on Windows Phone 7.
Far from a complete stock management app, StockMap delivers on its promises and hence gets our top spot. StockMap has a free trial, you should give it a try if you are looking for a way to quickly glimpse at your portfolio and then go back to what you were doing.
StockMap for Windows Phone 7 (click to open with Zune)
StockMap for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).4
StockMap for Windows Phone 7 (click to enlarge).1


Top 5 Stocks for Windows Phone 7 feature
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