TaxCaster: preview your tax return with Windows Phone

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TaxCaster is a free app that allows you to quickly estimate how much money you are going to get back from the IRS this year. Intuit, the company that brings you TurboTax gives us this app for a quick estimate as well for a suggestion on which Turbo Tax edition better suit your needs.
You don’t need to be precise, this is just an estimate: use the slider to input your total annual income, the federal and state tax withheld if any, big other income coming from interests or dividends. Then input your expenses: mortgage, college tuition, dependents, just at high level, and there is your estimate for this year return: easy-peasy! Sometimes the slider to enter the amount can be tapped by mistake, the app could have make these controls a little less sensitive, but you can use the keyboard to make sure you do not fat finger your return estimate.Note that the app does not transfer the data in Turbo Tax, this is beyond the purpose of TaxCaster. When you are done, the app will also present what is the best Turbo Tax edition that fulfills your needs, this is a way to make sure you do not get an edition you actually don’t need. Tax Day is close: why don’t have a preview with TaxCaster on your Windows Phone 7, for free!
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